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AU Austria / B Belgium / CoE Council of Europe / D Germany / ECOM European Commission / ECSC European Coal & Steel Community / EIB
European Investment Bank / EP European Parliament / EU European Union / Eurostat Statistical office of the European Communities / F France / FT Financial Times / G&C Gunston & Corner's Ger.-Eng. Glossary of Financial & Economic Terms / ILO International Labour Office / ITI Institute of Translation & Interpreting / Lx Luxembourg / NL Netherlands / NS New Scientist / OED Oxford English Dictionary / SWI Switzerland
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aanloopkosten = inward charges: entire cost of a ship calling at a port (port dues, pilotage, etc.) (ITI) / abattis = groundwood; (wind) slash (forestry) / Abbauhammer = pick (coalm.) / Abbaustrecke = gate road (coalm.) / Abmahnung = cease-and-desist letter (copyright, e.g.) / abscissa = horizontal axis (graph) / abstufen = grade (product quantities) / Absaugung = drainage (coalm.: firedamp e.g.) / société absorbante = acquiring company (mergers) / Abwanderung von Hochqualifizierten = brain drain / abwickeln = reel out (ropes) / personnes accompagnées = people with learning difficulties; people with a learning (or intellectual) disability / pour accord = (suggest) signed as correct / accostage = connection, connecting up (pipes) / installation d'accrochage = landing equipment (coalm.) / accueillante conventionnée = registered childminder (B) / centrale d'achats = central purchasing unit (comm.) / acoustic radiation / Action Committee for the United States of Europe (source: FT) / acte d'engagement = formal undertaking / activité indépendante = self-employment / advertorial = blend of "advertisement" and "editorial"; newspaper or magazine advertisment giving information about a product in the style of an editorial or objective journalistics article (source: OED) / affacturage = factoring (fin.) / affrètement au "tour de rôle" = chartering by rotation (EU transport) / affûteuse d'électrodes = electrode sharpener / afgeleide rechten = derived rights e.g. on motion pictures, i.e. income from merchandising / aftrek van voorbelasting = (defined) a business can offset VAT on goods it supplies against VAT it has to pay on goods it supplies to others (NL) / afvoerrooster = extract grille (ventilation) / Agence des droits fondamentaux = Fundamental Rights Agency (EU) / agneau pré-salé = salt marsh lamb (culin. ) / agrafé = interlocked (lining of flexible hose) / aiguille (crayon) combustible = fuel pin (nucl.) / aimant permanent = permanent magnet / Air Quality Guidelines (WHO Regional Office for Europe) / air: minimum air space per person is 11.5 m3 (ventil.) / minimum fresh air per person is 4.27 l/s (ventil.) / respirateur à air pulsé = positive pressure respirator, cartridge respirator / aktive Geräuschunterdrückung = noise cancelling (headphones e.g.) / aléa moral = moral hazard / aliquot (used as adverb) = pro rata, proportionately (to) / alkoholauffällig = (motorist, road user) with a drink-driving conviction / allège à moteur, à remorque = powered lighter, tug-drawn lighter (transport) / allègements fiscaux = tax relief / allochthonous: "(rocks) not formed in situ" (geol.), thus fig. by extension = pertaining to immigrants, ethnic minorities; antonym autochthonous: "formed of indigenous rocks"; nouns: allochthon and autochthon. Suggested best translation: "(persons of) ethnic origin; (persons of) non-immigrant origin" / alternerend = sandwich (courses); work-linked (training) / Altersabhängigkeitsrate = age dependency ratio (social security) / Altlast = legacy debt (int. finance) / Altlastenstandort = redeveloped (= former industrial) site (envir.) / Comité restreint de pilotage des ambassades de démocratie locale  = Select monitoring Committee on local democracy embassies (CoE, in ex-Yugoslavia) / Ambassadors: to address in writing begin "Sir", end "I have the honour to be, Sir, your Excellency's obedient servant" / supplément d'âme = moral dimension, moral edge / aménagement du territoire = development planning; regional development planning / Anbruchslager = partial pallet warehouse (logistics) / Anfangsausgasungsgeschwindigkeit = initial gas emission speed / angemessene Unterbringung = adequate shelter (refugees, asylum) / Anlagen-Daten = Design Information (Euratom) / Anlagenspezifischer Anhang = Facility Attachment (Euratom) / Anschlag (machinery) = stop, end-stop, guard, "fence", e.g. Parallelanschlag = parallel fence / Anschlagpunkt = attachment point (OSH: safety harness / Anstehendes = solid rock, bedrock / anstehende Kohle = solid coal mass, uncut coal / Anstoßkappe = bump cap (OSH: head protector, usually plastic, offering light protection only - less robust than a hard hat/safety helmet) / antisélection = antiselection (health insurance, defined: "The tendency of persons presenting a poorer-than-average risk to apply for, or continue, insurance to a greater extent than persons with average or better-than-average expectations of loss. Also called adverse selection or selection against the insurer." / antizipativ see dekursiv / Aperçu = Review (EU: Council activities) / apparente = can be done from outside, i.e. no prior dismantling needed (lubrication e.g.) / appel d'air = 'an open invitation' (immigration: when a mass amnesty is given to illegals; the idea is that there will then be a huge influx) / frais d'approche = forwarding costs (EU) / surface d'appui = mating surface (engineering) / Arab Maghreb Union: comprises Algeria, Libya, Mauretania, Morocco, Tunisia; treaty signed Marrakech Feb. 1989; source: Keesing / Arbeitnehmerüberlassung = secondment (employment) / maximale Arbeitsfähigkeit = peak working capacity (erg.) / Arbeitsgericht see Gericht / erster Arbeitsmarkt = regular jobs market (not subsidised) / zweiter Arbeitsmarkt = subsidised jobs market / Arbeitsstiftung = outplacement foundation (AU) (body jointly sponsored by firm, employees & government, set up if more than 20 workers are laid off, to help with retraining and placement) / Arbeitsteilung der Wirtschaft = use of (global) supply chains; (global) sourcing / Arbeitsverwaltung = manpower service / Arbeitszeitkonto = work-time account / Arbeitszeugnis = testimonial; confirmation of employment / arc alpin; arc Atlantique = Alpine arc; Atlantic arc (EU regional policy) / Sommet de l'Arche: meeting of the G7 group of western economic powers held 14-16 July 1989 in Paris (the "Arch" is the Arche de la Défense). Best rendered as "the 1989 Paris G7 summit". For communiqué see Keesing 1989 p. 36802 / archet = brace (switch, assembly etc.) / accidents avec arrêt de travail = lost-time accidents, lost-time injuries (source: British Steel Corporation) / arrêt-barrage à auges à eau, déclenché = water(-trough) barrier, triggered barrier (coalm.) / organe d'assemblage = pipe fitting / assistanat = 1. the status of being an "assistant" (e.g. educ.); 2. welfare dependency; dependence on social security / associatieve expressieve radio's = local minority interest radio stations / Assurance Prospection = marketing exploration insurance (FR) / assurés sociaux = persons eligible for statutory benefit / atemalkoholgesteuerte Wegfahrsperre see BAIID / at-Vertrag = außertariflicher Vertrag = non-collective contract, see außertariflich / atypique = casual (work) / audio (FR) = podcast / Aufbauseminar = corrective training seminar (road traffic offences, also called Nachschulung) / Aufbereitung = treatment (waste) / auffahren = drive, eng auffahren = to turn away narrow (coalm.) / aufgeflochten = brushed out (ropes) / aufgeteilte Sperre = wide-action barrier (coalm.) / Auffanggurt = safety harness (OSH) / Aufhauen = rise heading (coalm.) / auflaufen = germinate (hort.) / Aufmachung = (product) presentation / aufwickeln = coil on to (ropes) / Ausbau(1) = support (coalm.: of roof; types: Anker = anchor, CM = CM, nachgiebiger = yielding, starrer = rigid, schwebender = support set normal to the face, schreitender = powered, streichender = support set parallel to the face, Schild = shield, Strecken = roadway / Ausbau (2) = tubbing, lining (coalm.: of shafts; types: Formsteinausbau = concrete block lining, Gußringausbau = cast-iron tubbing, Ringausbau = tubbing, Schachtausbau = shaft lining, Tübbingausbau = tubbing, Verbundausbau = compound (iron and steel rings), vorläufiger Ausbau = temporary lining / Ausbruch = extrusion (coalm. of rock); outburst (coalm.: of gas); ausbruchs-(ausgasungs-)gefährdet = outburst-prone, Ausbruchs-(Ausgasungs-) gefahr = outburst susceptibility / Ausgangsstoffe = source materials (Euratom) / Aushub = spoil (dredging; excavation) / Auslösesperre = triggered barrier (coalm.) / auspartialisiert = partialled out (math/stat.) / Ausreißer = outlier, maverick (math./stat.) / Auslandskopfüberwachung = international gateway monitoring (telecoms)/ Ausschuß = rejects; faulty goods; damaged goods / außertariflich = non-pay-scale (employment: i.e. where pay is not set on the basis of a collective agreement) / Aussiedler (D) = repatriate (Deutsche Staatsangehörige oder Voklkszugehörige, die nach Art. 16 GG Aufnahme in der BRD finden; source: Bundestag Glossary) / Austernseitlinge = oyster mushrooms / auswerten = scan (documents) / Auswurf = ejection (coalm.: coal, rock) / Autarkie = self-sufficiency (development e.g.) / masque (respirateur) autonome see under isolant / Autorité européenne de sécurité des aliments, see EFSA / fichier d'autorité = authority file (library science) / avance en matière d'innovation et de mise sur le marché = "lead-time" (technol.) / avertisseur de collision = collision warning device (roads); proximity warning indicator (aviation)

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