Glossary: European Union & international affairs, industry, trade, development aid, employment, social affairs, education & training, transport
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"Republic of Padania": capital Venice, proclaimed by Umberto Bossi, head of Northern League, Sept. 1996 / palier = bearing (mech.) / Panelausfälle = panel attrition (stat.) / Papierschneidmaschine = paper cutting machine (using wheel or blade) / paramétrer = configure, customize (IT) / concurrence parasitaire = parasitic competition (intell. property) / parcours du vent = run of the wind (meteo.) / pari à cotes = fixed-odds bet; paris à cotes = fixed-odds betting / paris-fourchette = spread betting / pari mutuel = pari-mutuel bet; paris mutuels = pari-mutuel betting ("the Tote") / pari pré-match = ante-post bet, paris pré-match = ante-post betting / pariteit-systeem = par value system, par value peg system, adjustable peg system (IMF) / fonds de partage = ethical investment funds / participations = equity investment (EU: EIB) / cession de participations = joint ventures, placing contracts (by public bodies in private sector e.g.) / section de passage = inside diameter (pipes) / passager clandestin = free rider (int. trade) / passe de fond = first pass (welding) / passerelle = walkway / passiver = passivate (treatment of pipes) / Patent: to file a patent application; to lay open to public inspection; to grant a patent; the grant of a patent; to lodge opposition to the grant of a patent; patentee; to use, dispose of a patent; the making, using, exercising or vending of a patent; to revoke, cancel, attack a patent; maintain a patent in force / lutte contre la pauvreté = poverty reduction; poverty alleviation / seuil de pauvreté = poverty threshold; poverty line. (Eurostat defines the "risk-of-poverty threshold" as "60% of the national median equivalised disposable income (after social transfers)") / pavillon de complaisance = flag of convenience (shipping) / Pelztierhaltung = fur farming  / pérennité = sustainability; continuance / permis à points = penalty points licence (EU transport) / persönlichkeitsbezogene Kurse = assertiveness training courses (women's educ. e.g.) / perte de puissance = loss of (statistical) power / pertinence = relevancy (info retrieval) / pertinence, efficience, efficacité see E "the three e's" / petites collections, véhicules incomplets = countable knocked down (automotive) / persen = baling (waste plastics) / Perspex = polymethyl methacrylate: "Plexiglas": used in e.g. hip replacements to cement bone implants / persradio's = news-only radio stations / réseaux physique = land-based network (as opposed to online e.g.) / pied de lingot = crop (steelm.) / pied noir: Europeans sent by French to settle in Algeria and forced to flee after war of independence, some 10 000 failed to escape and were killed; source: The Times / piége à l'emploi = unemployment trap / pile à combustible = (nucl.) fuel cell / pincement de veine = squeezing of the (gas) stream (pipes) / pixel = picture cell element (computer monitors) / plafond indicatif = indicative ceiling (trade)  / plaquettes de dûreté = hardness reference plates: plates of a fixed, standard hardness, used to test the hardness of steel being manufactured / plateforme de force = force platform (erg.) / plateforme multimodale = multi-modal hub (transport) / plenum (ventilation) system = air is heated and comes into an internal or deep central room of a building via ductwork and a system of grilles / pli = layer (flexible hose) / Comité européen de technologie de la plongée = European Diving Technology Committee / plongée d'intervention = bounce diving / démolition et refection des poches de coulée = breaking up and replacing of casting ladle linings (steelm.) / Podest = staging (working platform supported by legs, like stepladder only flat) / poïkilotherme = cold-blooded; poikilothermic (animals) / le point n'est pas pris = this item was not taken (minutes, etc.) / technologie de pointe = leading-edge technology; cutting-edge technology / pôle de competitivité = competitiveness cluster; cluster of excellence (commerce, educ.) / pôle européen Jean Monnet = Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence (universities) / = controversy / politieke radio's = politically-controlled radio stations / pommeau de douche à bas volume d’eau = low water-use spray tap (plumbing) / magasin populaire = variety store (comm.) / poriewater = pore water (hydrol.) / portage = tideover (allowance, e.g., whilst unemployed) / surface de portée = bearing surface (engineering) / portée mâle sur portée femelle = male/female facing (pipe fittings, plugs) / poste d'utilisation = user point (gas in steelworks) / traveilleur posté = shift worker / audit a posteriori = ex-post audit / étude des postes = job analysis / pouvoirs opérationnels = executive powers / Präzisionskontrolle = precision check; precision test (math/stat.) / emploi précaire; travail 
précaire = insecure; casual; precarious (job, employment, work) / prégardiennat = playgroup / Vergabe im Preiswettbewerb = automatic award procedure (EU procurement) / prejudiciële beslissingen = preliminary rulings (EU; European Court of Justice) / prélèvement automatique = direct debit (banking) / prélèvements sur recettes: (defined: portion of French budget that goes to local authorities and the EU): French sources translate this as "levies on revenue"; suggest better translation would be "charges against revenue" / en présentiel = in the classroom setting (conventional training, as opposed to e-learning) / Président-Directeur-Général = chairman & managing director; chief executive officer (comm.) (ITI) / presse-étoupe = gland (valve) / Pressen = compaction (hard metals) / niveau de pression acoustique = sound pressure level / prêt subordonné = subordinated loan (lower priority for repayment) / document de prévision = foresight paper / prévision technologique = "technology foresight" / prilltoren = prilling towers (air pollution: prills = granules or needle-shaped aggregates of material usually fertilizer) (ITI) / le fait du Prince = (defined) "acte arbitraire d'un gouvernement" / Prodcom = Eurostat product statistics / Produktion (industr.) = usually "fitting and assembly" as contrasted with "manufacturing" (Fertigung) / proefproject = pilot project / projecteur de profil = section projector / Profilbretter = purpose-made board (timber) / progressivité des droits = tariff escalation (trade) / protective clothing: penetration = through seams, around zips etc.; permeability = gases etc. through actual material; airtight; liquid-tight; leak tightness / protocole d'accord = memorandum of understanding (intergovernmental or EU-government, i.e. not yet a formal agreement) / Prozentrang = percentile (math/stat.: also used to mean simple percentage) / pruimtabak = smokeless tobacco (i.e. chewing tobacco and snuff) / puissance acoustique = sound power / Pümpel = (sink) plunger / robinet de purge = blow valve /

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