Glossary: European Union & international affairs, industry, trade, development aid, employment, social affairs, education & training, transport
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tableautiste = control room operative (anyone who mans a console) / Tafel = food bank (social) / Taktfahrplan = clock-face timetable; Taktung = clock-face scheduling (transport) /
Tarifbeschäftigte im öffentlichen Dienst = public employees (DE) / Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst = Public Service Pay Scale Agreement (DE) / Tauchrohr = submerged nozzle, pouring tube (steelm.) / Tautliner = registered name, virtually generic term for a curtain-sided body, a curtain-sider: a box body with movable side curtains which run in tracks and provide side access for loading/unloading... Pull-tight vertical straps stabilize the side curtains." (transport: ITI) / taxe professionnelle = business tax (ITI) / taxes d'effet équivalent = charges of equivalent effect (agreements with EFTA countries) / technologie codifiée = "coded" technology / technologie incorporée = "physical" technology / technologieoffen = technology-neutral (not favouring one technology over another, in aid measures, etc) / Teerölsand = tar sand: "Sandstone containing highly viscous asphalt left as a residue from evaporation of the light fractions of crude petroleum at surface seepages. The asphaltic sandstone is mined in open pits and heated to melt the asphalt, which is then refined to recover gasoline and other products. World recoverable resources: 300 billion barrels Canada, 29 billion barrels USA, 70 billion barrels Venezuela." / Teilschnittmaschine = sectional cut heading machine (coalm.) /  télécharger = to download (computers) / telecheric mining = mining using remote control methods (NS) / télédétection, teledetectie = remote sensing / formulae for temperature conversion: Fahrenheit = 9/5 x Centigrade + 32; Centigrade = Fahrenheit - 32 x 5/9 / tenge = currency of Kazakhstan (source: The Times) / taux de tension = ratio of job seekers to jobs available (employment) / térrasse, installé en = with a back baffle installed (ventilation, filters) / tertiaire = commercial (of premises) / avis à tiers détenteurs = garnishment / tige = stem (valve e.g.) / timbre de dimension = stamp duty / tir à air comprimé = pneumatic firing (coalm.) / tiroir = module (IT) / Tischfräsmaschine = moulding machine (woodworking) / titre hypothécaire nominatif = registered mortgage bond / TKÜ = Telekommunikationsüberwachung = telecom surveillance; (tele)phone tapping if definitely phone calls only, not emails etc. / toetsingskader = review framework; framework for review; system of tests and checks (EU) / Togolese (adj. for Togo) / tonnes nettes = tonnes net weight / brûlage du CO en torchère = flaring off, e.g. "CO will be flared off " (steelm.) / European Convention for the Prevention of Torture 1989 tourbillon = eddy (gas flow in pipe e.g.) / tournant = plug, ball plug (valve) / freier Träger = independent promoter (business e.g.) / traite = bill of exchange; draft / traite bleue: unresolved query - ?banker's acceptance; is the document blue?? / traject = pathway (educ.) / Trankharz = saturating resin / transigeren = compromise, settle out of court / transitaire = forwarding agent / Transportbahn = haulage line (coalm.) / étude transversale = cross-sectional study, survey (stat.) / travail noir = undeclared work, "moonlighting" (employment in the "black economy", i.e. deliberately concealed from tax & social security authorities, and punishable in law) / trémie = shaft (and pit, of an elevator) / plan de trésorerie = treasury cash management plan (development) / treuhänderisch tätige Gesellschaften = "trusts" / Trommelförderseil = drum hoist (coalm.) / tronconique = in the shape of a truncated cone / tufo (Italian) = tufa (geol.: NB not same as "tuff", see US Bureau of Mines glossary online / biens sous tutelle = "merit goods" (trade, devel. aid) / tweede-kansonderwijs = second chance education (adult educ.) /

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