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vacuum pressure (e.g. in wood preservation: in sealed chamber, air and moisture are sucked out by the vacuum, then preservative is forced in under pressure) / centrale vacüumsysteem = central vacuum system (ventilation) / courant vagabond = stray current (elec.) / sous valeur compensée = remitter's account debited and beneficiary's account credited both on the same value date (banking; NB renderings of 'compensated value' and the like are not English!) / valeur K = K value (conductivity of heat in a building) / valeur R = R value (thermal resistance of building) / valeur U = U value (overall heat transfer coefficient of a building) / analyse de validité sociale = social soundness analysis (IDA: development projects) / unité de valorisation énergétique = energy recovery facility / production de vapeur = steam raising / vapo-déposition = vapour deposition; vapour plating / variable centrée réduite = standardised variable; variable normale centrée réduite = standard normal variable (Eurodicautom) / Várzea = alluvial flood plain along Amazon, also used as generic term (Brazil) (ITI) / boite VAV = VAV box (ventilation) / V-chip chip installable in TV sets to allow parents to control what their children watch (BBC) / veine barrée = banded seam (coalm.) / vélocité faciale = face velocity (filter, mask) / ventilatievoud see Luftwechsel / Verdrängungseffekt = crowding-out effect (public borrowing, higher interest rates, hampers private investment) / Veredelung = upgrading (coalm.) / Verflechtungstabellen = correspondence tables (EU, statistics) / Vergleichspräzision = reproducibility (math/stat.) / vergleichsweise see streitmäßig ? / comité de vérification = Audit Committee (EU: EIB) / vérité des prix = fair pricing (EU, transport) / verjährt = statute-barred / verkehrsmäßig = fit for sale (marketing) / Verkehrsteilung = modal split (i.e. how a city's public transport breaks down into tram, bus and rail services) / Verköstigung = use / verlegging van het handelsverkeer - deflection of trade / Versatz = stowing (coalm.); types: Blasversatz = pneumatic stowing; Schleuderversatz = centrifugal stowing; Spülversatz = hydraulic stowing; Sturzversatz = ? dumping; Teilversatz = partial stowing; Vollversatz = complete stowing / Versatzfeld = stowing area / Versäumnisurteil see streitmässig ? / Versiegelung = soil sealing (urban planning). Defined: "compacting or covering existing soils with an impermeable surface", i.e. (usually) building houses and roads, cf. "versiegelte Flächen sind verbaute Flächen (z.B. Straßen, Güterwege, Asphaltflächen)". But, confusingly, versiegelte Flächen may be "bebaut" or "unbebaut". Thus, a park or golf course might be a versiegelte but unbebaute Fläche, because the land has been altered but there are no buildings on it. But the Fläche occupied by a housing estate would be both versiegelt and bebaut. In the specialist context, "sealed area" seems the correct technical term. As a more general term, "built-on area" or "developed area" might suffice. / Vertriebsanzeige = notification of intent to sell / Verwertung = recycling (waste) / Verzahnung = intermodality (transport) / the Višegrad Group: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland & Slovakia (grouping set up 1991 after collapse of communism for economic and defence links) / visuel = screen grab (computers) / vitrophanie (also vitrauphanie) = decal, sticker (ITI) / voie en couche = gate road (coalm.) / volet-arrière = tailgate (automotive) / Volkenbond = League of Nations (1920-46) / Vollbank = full-service bank / Vollschnittmaschine = full face heading machine, full facer (coalm.) / Vollversatz see Versatz / volumétrie; volumétrique = seems to refer to the interior of a building but, NB “volumetric detection” seems to be an OK technical term in video surveillance / voorhands = at the moment, for the present / im Vorfeld (des) = "peripheral to (the)" / vorgelagert = upstream of (a production sector e.g.) / vorgeschaltet = previous (= next level down of consultation e.g., or previous court of instance) / vorläufiger Ausbau see Ausbau (2) / im vorpolitischen Raum = "below the policy-making level" / Vorrichtungsstrecke see Strecke / Vorschacht see Schacht / Vorsorgeprinzip = "prevention" (as opposed to cure) / Vorspannungsanlage= pre-stressing plant (ropes) / im vorstaatlichen Raum = "not part of the government sector" / Vortriebsstrecke see Strecke / Vorverlagerung = "externalisation", i.e. shifting checks further upstream, away from the EU's external borders to a border in the country that migrants start out from or transit through) (migration, EU border control) / état voyou = rogue state (pol.) / VST = Verbindungsstelle (AU government) (suggest) liaison office

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