Glossary: European Union & international affairs, industry, trade, development aid, employment, social affairs, education & training, transport
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= accumulation (of firedamp) under the roof (coalm.) / Daseinsvorsorge = public service provision (of utilities, public amenities) / Data Protection Committee (UK) / Datensichtgerät = visual display unit, VDU / Datensparsamkeit = 'data thrift' (term encountered almost exclusively in the German context) / Dauerbiegfestigkeitsprüfung = bending fatigue test (ropes) / débilitre = flow meter (on pressure reducer valve e.g.) / machine à déboucher = tapping machine (steelm.) / décapage = scouring (mechan.); pickling (chem.) / lampe à décharge = (electric) discharge lamp / Deckungsbeitrag = gross margin (comm.) / déclenché see arrêt-barrage / décloisonnement = openness (building design, i.e. as few internal walls as possible) / poste de décochage = stripping bay (steelm.) / decoder (TV broadc.): "een programma dat achter een filter, maar vóór een decoder wordt aangeboden" = a programme which needs a filter in order to view it but is not encoded / décolmatage = unclogging (pipes e.g.) / organe de décompression = pressure reducer / decrement a quantifiable deterioration in performance (erg.) / décriqueur = scarfing machine (steelm.) / décroché = autonomous (radio, TV stations, cf. BBC's regional opt-out) / motion de défiance = motion of no confidence (polit.) / défournement = discharging (coke from coke ovens) / dégager = 1. (generally) to release (funds); 2. = (as opposite of "engager") to cancel (funds committed for development aid e.g.) / Dehngrenze = proof stress (metal.: expressed as %; ITI) / Dehnung = extension (ropes) / Deichselstapler = motorized trolley (as in supermarkets), hand-steered by pedestrian who operates it from the Deichsel or tiller / dekursiv (AU: banking): "die Kaution wird mit 4% per anno dekursiv verzinst; die Zinsen werden jeweils dem Kautionsbetrag hinzugerechnet" = "the deposit will earn non-compound/split interest at a rate of 4% per annum". It means "afterwards", "at the end of the year" as opposed to "antizipativ" (ITI) / délocalisation = social dumping / Delphi-Runde = Delphi round; Delphi study (research) / date de la demande = date of trade (futures trading) / démembrement = devolution; delegation (process); devolved agency; delegated agency (body) / à demi-teinte = half-hearted; half-ish; half-baked / Demokratischer Aufbruch = "Democratic Awakening" (GDR opposition party 1990); source: Keesing) / dénaturation = processing (steelm.) / départ quai, see DEQ / prix départ usine = factory gate prices / dépôt à découvert = (unsealed) deposit (banking) / dépôt fiduciaire = escrow account (banking) / Deputatkohle = concessionary coal / dérapage = slippage (from development targets) / derivatograph / déshuilé = oil-free / descente de charges = goods elevator (NB dep. on context can also be 'load distribution') / détendeur = pressure reducer (valve) (pipes; oxygen cylinders) / détournement = deflection (trade); misuse (power, public goods); diversion (customs revenue) / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik = German Development Institute (Berlin) / développement participatif = participatory development (development aid) / Dezernat = unit (admin. DE) / déversoir d'orage = storm drain (hydrol.) / diagonale cumulatie = diagonal cumulation (trade) / diaitema: "diaitema ist griechisch. Der Koran enthält aber auch hygienische und diätetische Vorschriften. Daher: diaitema der Araber = vorgeschriebene Lebensweise der Araber" / Dickenhobelmaschine = thicknesser / diffusion systématique = current awareness / Digitalisierung = digitisation (not digitalisation) / lyres de dilatation = expansion bends (pipes) / Diplom-Kaufmann: business graduate (D). Qualification requires 4-5 years of higher education. Often translated as "MBA" which, in the Anglo-Saxon system, takes 2 years following a first 3-year bachelor's degree. Best to leave it in German, with a note if necessary. / Directeur-Général = managing director, general manager (ITI: comm.) / disjoncteur = circuit breaker / Dispersionsfarben, Dispersionslacke = emulsion paints, varnishes / Doppelbeschluß = twin-track decision (NATO, 1979) / la dorsale = "the Hot Banana": geographic swathe of developed heartland of EU sweeping from e.g. Birmingham through Benelux, Rhineland, Frankfurt, Milan... (source: BBC) / dosage des impôts = tax mix / Dosierprotokoll = batch protocol (industrial processing) / travail en doublé = supervised practical work (vocational training) / Draht von hoher Zugfestigkeit = high tensile wire / drallfrei = non-rotating (ropes) / Drehmomentenschlüssel = torque spanner / Dreh- und Torsionstest = torque-turn test (ropes) / dresser = straighten (pipes) / prisonniers de droit commun = UNCHR term casually taken up by media as "common law prisoners".. What it actually means is prisoners sentenced by due process of law as opposed to prisoners detained without trial (ITI) / droit conventionnel = treaty law / droit dérivé = secondary legislation (EU) / droit interne = national law; domestic law / à droit nul = zero-rated (VAT e.g.) / droit positif = "positive law" (actual rules of law as opposed to accepted moral standards) / im Druck = at press; in press (bibliographies e.g.) / Drucklufthammer = pneumatic pick (coalm.) / Druckschleuse = pressurized chamber (metal.: hard metal) / duingrasland = dune grassland / eine hohe Dunkelziffer = a high number of unknown cases: use paraphrase such as "go(es) largely unreported" / laminoir duo Skin Pass= two-high Skin Pass rolling mill (steelm.) / Durchführungsbürgschaft = performance bond (constr.) / Durchlichtphotometer = transmitted light photometer / dust cake (compacted dust entrapped on filter) / dynamische Beanspruchung = impulse loading, impulse load test, pulsatory testing (ropes) / clé dynamométrique = torque wrench /

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