Glossary: European Union & international affairs, industry, trade, development aid, employment, social affairs, education & training, transport
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gesättigte Kalomel-elektrode = saturated calomel electrode / Kälteschutzkleidung = cold-protective clothing / Känguruh = willing horse, dogsbody / kansmeter = "prospects gauge" (a job seeker classification instrument) (NL) / Kantenleimer = edge bonding machine (woodworking) / Kapitalbindung = capital lockup (fin.) / Kapitaldeckungsverfahren (KDV) = funded (pension) scheme; money-purchase scheme; personal pension (social security: the contributor pays into a "pot" which is for him alone. Thus he benefits in direct proportion to what he has paid in; none of the capital goes towards funding anyone else. It is in effect a "private" pension. Contrast Umlageverfahren, q.v.) / kapitaliseerbar = (of study credits) which count towards or may be used in a subsequent or higher level of training / Ausbaukappe = roof bar (coalm.) / Karenz see 2 entries under carence / Kaskadensteuer see cascade / Kastendiagramm = box and whisker plot / Keileinband = wedge capping (ropes) / Kernspurenzählung = nuclear track counting / Kesselkohle = steam coal / keten radio's = radio channels / Kettenförderer see Förderer / Klauentiere = ungulates; hoofed mammals (generic terms): 9 times out of 10 these will be the Ariodactyla (even-toed ungulates or cloven-hoofed animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, deer. But NB the horse is an odd-toed mammal, part of the Perissodactyla group / Klausur (when not in sense of a university exam) = dedicated session (of committee e.g., focusing on a particular issue) / Klobenrad = pulley / Knüppelstranggußanlage = continuous billet caster (steelm.) /  kocktet = kilobyte / Kokille = (casting) mould (steelm.) / Kombilüfter = ? multi-drive fan (can switch from one type of power to another) / kombinierte Schleuse = combination man-and-materials lock (OSH) / Kompensationsgeschäfte = counter trade / Kongress  der Partei der Europäischen Linken = Congress of the Party of the European Left (EU and partner states) / Kontrahierungszwang = forced contracting (comm.) / konzentrierte Sperre = concentrated barrier (coalm.) / vorgestreckte Kopfstrecke = advanced top road (coalm.) / capacitieve, direkte koppeling = direct, capacitive coupling (elec.) / Kostentreiber = cost driver (acctg.) / koude sanering = reorganisation and reduction of employment, normally equates simply to "job losses" / Kraft Ausdehnung = force and extension (rope) / Kratzförderer see Förderer / Kultusministerkonferenz = Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder (DE) / kunstfout = artifact (math./stat./epidem.) /

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