Glossary: European Union & international affairs, industry, trade, development aid, employment, social affairs, education & training, transport
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Walzenlader = drum shear loader (coalm.) / warmbreedband = hot-rolled coil (steelm.) / Wärmebrücke = heat bridge (phys.) / warmgezogen = hot-drawn (steelm.) / Warteschleife = "queue" (for promotion e.g.) / Wasserfarben = water-based paints / wasserverdünnbar = water-thinned (paints) / wastewater NB all one word / Wereldverbond van de Arbeid = World Confederation of Labour, WCL / Weltinnenpolitik; Weltordnungspolitik = global governance / werk (NL): grijs werk= informal work (not taxable, because below threshold for taxable earnings, closer to the idea of "little jobs"); wit werk = formal-sector work (tax and social security are paid. NB "illegaal wit werk" is where the job itself is lawful, but the employee's status is not, e.g. his residence permit is no longer valid); zwart werk, see travail noir / werkliedpersoneel = blue-collar staff (broadcasting) / Werkstückswagen = specimen truck (rope testing) / durchgehender Wetterstrom (coalm.) = ventilation, airstream, airflow: ausziehender Wetterstrom = return ventilation / white goods see under brown goods / Widerlager = platen (print.) / Wiederholpräzision = repeatability (math/stat.) / Convention on the conservation of European wildlife and natural habitats (CoE: Bern 1979) / the (Shapiro) Wilks' test (stat.) / Wille zur Macht = the will to power (Nietzsche, Encyc. Brit.) / Windweg see parcours du vent / wirtschaftsnah = business-related / World Business Organisation: synonym for ICC q.v. / World Economic Forum (annual, Davos) / UN World Summit on Social Development (anti-poverty, March 1995 Copenhagen) /

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