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überbetrieblich = (operation e.g.) jointly with another company / im Überblick = at a glance (reports, tables, etc.) / Überdruck = positive gauge pressure (in relation to the pressure in the surrounding system - usually atmospheric pressure, but not necessarily, since it may refer to a different pressure in one part of a closed system. Called "gauge pressure" since this is the pressure a pressure gauge will indicate. If sure the measurement is in relation to atmospheric pressure, use phrases such as "pressure slightly above or below atmospheric", otherwise play safe and say e.g.".. where there is a large / small or no pressure differential"; overpressure and underpressure are only correct in sense of safety devices triggered by excessive positive or negative pressure (ITI) / Übereignung = agreeing (of costs e.g.) / Überhäufigkeit = excess (stat.: e.g. a twofold excess of total cancers..") / Übersiedler = resettler, émigré from the GDR (source: Bundestag Glossary) / Übertragung auf = extrapolation to / Überweisungsträger = remittance slip / uil = 1. owl; 2. moth (specifically a nachtvlinder = owlet moth or noctuid moth) / uitschakelen = squeeze out (competition) / uitschieter = outlier, maverick (math./stat.) / uitspoeling = leaching (out of.. into..) / Umgebungslernen = ambient learning (business management e.g.) / Umlageverfahren; Umlagefinanzierungsverfahren (ULV) = pay-as-you-go system (social security: usually a state-run system, whereby statutory contributions paid by those in work are adjusted periodically to ensure a big enough "pot" to fund everybody, including non-contributors and those in need. System is problematic if unemployment is high and the population is ageing. Contrast Kapitaldeckungsverfahren (KDV) / Umschlüsselung = re-coding (statistics) / UN decade of natural disaster prevention (BBC) / union à siège rapporté = inserted seat union (pipe fittings) / universeelmeter = multimeter (metrol.) / Unterdruck = negative gauge pressure, see Überdruck /
Unterhaltungselektronik see brown goods / Unternehmensleitbild = corporate mission statement / Unterpulverschweiβen = submerged arc welding (using e.g. nickel powders) / Untersuchungstag, Untersuchungswoche = day, week of investigation (surveys, testing) /

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