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R-value = index of thermal resistance (measures insulation efficiency) / raccord union = union (pipe fitting) / assemblage par raccords = joints (pipes) / radwastes = radioactive wastes (USA) / ralentisseur see Retarder / Randbedingung = parameter / rang = rank (of coals: degree of coalification i.e. position in the evolutionary chain from plant debris through peat, lignite etc. to anthracite coal / rapporteur fictif = shadow rapporteur (parliaments, committees) / Rapport général.. = General Report on the Activities of the European Communities / rapprochement automatique = automated reconciliation (accounting) / rapprocher = reconcile (data) / Raubdruck = predation pressure (biology) / Raubkunst = confiscated art (official texts); looted art (everyday term) / Rauchpeaks = smoke peaks / bâtiment réacteur = reactor building, containment building / recenser = scan (computers) / recette= pit bank (coalm.) / rechtsfähig = having legal capacity / Rechtsmittelbelehrung = notification of appeal rights / Rechtssekretär = "law clerk" or "legal executive" in e.g. proceedings where parties are not required to be represented by qualified lawyers / Reclame Code Commissie = Advertising Code Committee (NL) / hauteur de recouvrement = cover depth (buried pipes) / recyclage (ventilation) see rejet / Referatensammlung = abstracting journal / référentiel = benchmark (development aid e.g.) / point de refoulement = delivery point (blast furnace) / refractaire = heat-resistant (steelm.) / refugee: person who has a "well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion" (1951 Geneva Convention) / Regalbediengerät = platform loader / Richtlinien für Geräte und Anlagen zur Regalbedienung = Guidelines for stacking apparatuses and systems / régalien = sovereign (powers e.g.) / Regelwerk = "acquis communautaire" (EU) / regionale cumulatie = regional cumulation (trade) /  Regenerierungsofen = annealing furnace (dosimeters) / régent = (lower) secondary school teacher (B) / en régime établi = in the open position (valve); en régime transitoire = in the intermediate position (valve is between open and closed positions) / organe, vanne de réglage = regulating device (valve) / franc, marché reglementé = commercial franc, rate; official (officially supported) market (see "financier") / Reglerprüfung = governor test (pipes) / régression linéaire = regression line (erg.) / regroupement familial = family reunification (immigration) / réhausseur d'octane= octane booster (fuel) / réinsertion = resettlement "the resettlement of a sick or injured worker in employment; the Disablement Resettlement Officer Service; in the process of rehabilitation, a distinction may be drawn between that part in which the medical aspects are of major importance and that later part in which resettlement and employment become the predominant interest" (UK Department of Employment) / rejet = once-through (system of ventilation, as opposed to "recyclage" = recirculation of air) / Remploy = a firm specializing in job placement (UK) / le compte est rémunéré trimestriellement = interest on the account is paid quarterly / régime en répartition see Umlageverfahren / frais de représentation = entertainment costs / services de répression = law enforcement agencies / réseau pondéré = weighting network (acoustics) / emprunteurs réservataires = priority borrowers: those with first claim to funds granted as loans or aid (ECSC) / réserve = opt-out (EU treaties, e.g.) / réservoir = storage vessel (gas in steelworks); cistern (in e.g. village: development aid) / résistivité = resistivity (elec.) / ressort = mark-up (comm.) / résumé = summary (if prepared by author); abstract (if prepared by documentalist) / Retarder = retarder (extra braking mechanism fitted to e.g. coach transmission) / retorsierechten = retaliatory duties (trade) / rétrogradation = demotion by one pay grade (FR etc. civil service) / retroinformation = feedback / rétroprojecteur = epidiascope / Rettungsbombe see nacelle de sauvetage / révalorisation = adjustment (of pensions, e.g.) / action en revendication d'un brevet = priority proceedings in respect of a patent / revers = declaration of indemnity (SWI banking): given by a person to whom replacement documents have been issued to indemnify a bank or company for any loss that may result from the improper use of the lost originals (coupons, securities, passbooks, etc.) (ITI) / révolver retenu = captive bolt gun (animal slaughter) / rhénan = "German-style" (capitalism, approach, etc.) / rhetorisch-kommunikativ = speaking and communication (skills e.g.) / Richtigkeitskontrolle = accuracy check; accuracy test (math/stat.: not same as precision NB) / VDI Richtlinien = VDI Guidelines (D) / Ringvorlesung = lecture series, series of lectures (on a given theme by a variety of people, to get different points of view) / robinet à arrêt automatique = percussion tap / Rohphosphat = rock phosphate, phosphate rock / fonds rotatifs = rotational funds (development) / rotation de crédits = rotating credit (development) / rote Laterne = slow-coach, laggard, bottom of the class (refers to red light hanging off back of train) / Rückfluß = back up (e.g. of water in a filter system, prevented by a valve) / Rückkoppelung = feedback / Rückschlag (machine) = kickback, backlash, "anti-kickback devices" / ruigte = rough grassland / soupape et disque de rupture = bursting valve and disc /

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