Glossary: European Union & international affairs, industry, trade, development aid, employment, social affairs, education & training, transport
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Lackharz = varnish resin / Ladder: standing ladder or leaning ladder; rung ladder (treads less than 80 mm deep) or step ladder (treads 80 mm or more deep); step stools; opening restraint device (e.g. chain or strut) / Ladebrücke = (fork arm) blade: bit of fork lift truck the load sits on / la der' des der' = "one time, last time" (EU: state aid) / Lagerstätte = repository, storage facility (waste) / Lagerstättenbedingungen = seam and bed structure (coalm.) / lagerungsstabil = storage-stable (manuf./med.) / pierre de lait = galalith (milk-based casein plastic) / robinet de laminage = throttle valve / lampisterie = equipment store (where miners leave their working equipment, formerly lamps) / Testanlage für Langspleisse = long splice test rig (ropes) / European Charter for regional or minority languages (CoE: 1992) / Lärmkataster = noise map; noise survey / Laufvogel = ratite (chiefly flightless bird e.g. emu, cassowary, etc.) / leereiland = (suggest) training spot / léger = "light-touch" (of government, e.g.) / leidinggevend personeel = management / Leiharbeit = temporary work / Leimfarbe = distemper / Elektroleiste = ledge along top of e.g. laboratory bench containing sockets / Leistungsschutzrecht = neighbouring rights (publishing) / Vergabe im Leistungswettbewerb = best-value-for-money procedure (EU procurement) / Leistungsverzeichnis (mit Preisaufgliederung) = (priced) bill of quantities (constr.) / Leitbild = guiding principle; vision / leitfähiges Schuhwerk = conductive footwear (discharges static electricity, OSH) / Leitsatz = headnote (legal judgment); guiding principles / lekstroom = leakage current, stray current (elec.) / Lenkungskräfte = junior executive staff / lessive = degreasing solution (mech.) / eau de lestage = ballast water; seawater ballast (shipping) / Leuchtdichte see light / Leuchtröhre = fluorescent tube / levée de doute = alarm verification (video surveillance) / licéité = legitimacy, lawfulness, enforcement of the law / Licence: to grant a licence, the grant of a licence; licensee; sub-licence; patent licensing agreement / LIGHT: Beleuchtungsstärke; éclairement lumineux = illumination (NB Kempe also gives illuminance; acc. to Webster this is the less usual variant; SI unit: lux); Leuchtdichte; luminance lumineuse = brightness; luminance (unit: stilb = 1 candela/m2); Lichtstärke; intensité lumineuse = luminous intensity (SI unit: candela); Lichtstrom; flux lumineux = luminous flux (SI unit: lumen) / note liminaire = introductory note / fichier lisible = read-only file (when contrasted with fichier exploitable = editable file) / Congrès des pouvoirs locaux et régionaux de l'Europe (CPLRE) = Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe (CLRAE) (CoE) / Conférence permanente des pouvoirs locaux et régionaux de l'Europe = Standing Conference of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe (CoE); Bureau = Bureau; Commission Permanente = Standing Committee / logigramme = logic flowchart / suivant la logique de = (sometimes) along the lines of / Logistikkette = distribution chain (transport e.g.) / Lohnnebenkosten = non-wage labour costs; wage incidentals; (cost of) fringe benefits / loi personnelle = "personal law", of an immigrant's country of origin e.g. / lokales Arbeitsamt (D) = local labour office / loodglas = flint glass / loyauté du commerce; loyauté des transactions = fair trade / lozing = release (envir.) / luchtbehandeling = air conditioning defined: delivery of air which may be warmed or cooled and have its humidity altered (Kempe) / luchtbeheersing; luchttechniek = ventilation and air conditioning / luchtverversing = (rate of) fresh air ventilation / luciferase = "Luciferin is the substrate: when acted upon by luciferase in the presence of ATP and molecular oxygen it produces light" / Luftwechsel; Luftwechselzahl = (rate of) air change, defined: "quotient of air supply in m3/hr and volume of room in m3"; expressed as air changes/hour. / Lugano Convention = Convention on Jurisdiction and the Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters (16/9/1988) / à lumière froide = fibreoptic / Luvo = Luftvorwärmer /

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