Glossary: European Union & international affairs, industry, trade, development aid, employment, social affairs, education & training, transport
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bac de scraper = scraper trough (coalm.) / balisage, balise = marking, marker (IT) / Ballen pressen see persen / ballonisé = swollen / Bandbreite = (spectral) bandwidth (spectrophot.) / bande d'agglommération= sintering strand (steelm.) / banque de l'économie sociale = social economy bank / bardage = transfer (steelm: e.g. moving pipes around a site) / barème = standard / barré = banded (geol.) / métal de base = base metal (welding e.g.) / organisations de base = grassroots organisations (in developing world) / basis-stroomkring = continuous circuit (elec.) / bassin de crise = crisis theatre (polit.) / Bauabschnitt = panel (coalm.) / baugleich = applied to an own-label, own-brand product of the same design or construction as one of a more famous name / Baunebenarbeiten = ancillary trades / Bauschutzbereich = appropriate airport zoning and land use / Bedarfsgegenstände; Bedarfsgüter; Bedarfswaren = daily-use goods (e.g. shampoo, detergents) / Befragter = respondent, informant (surveys) / begeleiding = (education, career) counselling / Begleitort = counter head (coalm.) / Begriff = term (documentation); Types: übergeordneter = wider (as "animal" is to "cow"), verbotener = forbidden, verwandter = related  / couche de Beilby = Beilby Layer: a microcrystalline or amorphous layer formed on the surface of metals by polishing / beitragsabhängige Leistungen = defined benefits; guaranteed benefits (social security) / beitragspflichtig = contributory (social security scheme) / Belastungsdiagramme = load records (rope testing) / nichtstetige Belastungswellen = transient stress waves (rope testing) / Beleuchtungsstärke see light / Beobachtungsstudie = observational study / Bereitschaftspolizei = public order support force; riot police / Inspekteur der Bereitschaftspolizeien der Länder = Commander-in-Chief of the Public Order Support Forces of the Länder (DE) / Bereitschaftsräume = welfare facilities (canteen, toilets etc. on building site) / Bereitstellung = mobilization (EU food aid) / Bergwerksdirektor see Betriebsdirektor (coalm.) / Berichtweg = reporting route (statistics, e.g.) / Berufsgenossenschaft = institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention [in the .... industry]; EN name officially sanctioned by the Federation (Hauptverband) of the BGs; as short name use "statutory accident insurance institution"; also seen as "occupational accident insurance fund" (D) / beruhigt = killed (steelm.) / berührungslos = no-contact (e.g. safety devices such as light barriers) / bestaanminimum = income support (B) / betaalkaart = guaranteed cheque / Beteiligungsgesellschaft see Mitarbeitergesellschaft / Betrieb (coalm.): Tagebaubetrieb = open-cast mining; Tiefbaubetrieb = deep mining; Übertagebetrieb = surface plant; Untertagebetrieb = underground workings / betriebliche Sorgfaltspflicht = due diligence / Betriebsdirektor = (mine) manager. Lower of the top 2 grades in the German mining industry, normally responsible for one colliery. Answers to a Bergwerksdirektor who is responsible for several collieries / Betriebsindizen der Förderseile = operating indices for winding ropes (coalm.) / Betriebsleiter = production manager (industry) / Bewetterung = ventilation (coalm.): types: blasende = forced; künstliche = mechanical; saugende = exhaust; Sonderbewetterung = auxiliary; absteigende = downcast; steigende = upcast / Bezeichnung = descriptor (documentation) / bezirksfrei = (China) prefecture-level or provincial (cities). These are governed directly by the provinces. NB They are not the "autonomous cities", of which China has only 4 / bien-fondé = merits (of a case) (law) / biens collectifs = public goods / biens communs = common goods / biens relationnels = relational goods / bilan de compétence = skills assessment (French employment law) / Bildungsausländer = foreign national coming to Germany to study; Bildungsinländer = student who is resident but holds foreign citizenship (e.g. 2nd-generation immigrant) (D) / Bildungskarenz = training leave; educational leave / billion: in the USA a billion = 1000 million, in GB = million million. US usage is now commonplace in GB too, but when translating French "milliard" and equivalents it is best to use "1000 million" to avoid confusion. / Billion (DE) = trillion / biocenose = ecosystem (source: Oxford Dic. of Ecology) / "biofidelic" (of e.g. crash dummy in road tests = true to the human body) / biografische competenties = social and personal skills (as opposed to formal qualifications) / biotope (defined): smallest subdivision of a habitat, characterized by a high degree of uniformity in its environmental conditions and its plant and animal life (OED); a region uniform in environmental conditions and in its populations of animals and plants for which it is the habitat (Webster) / bleifrei = unleaded (petrol: NB not "lead-free" / blend signal, blend cut, pure cut (electrosurgery) / Blindwert = blank value (tests, statistics) / bloei = bloom (plankton e.g.) / blok = window (TV advertising; cf. boodschap / "blue skies" research = advanced original laboratory work which may or may not prove to have commercial applications (source: BBC) / Bodenbewohnende Pilze = soil fungi / Bohrbähr = drill stem, auger (coalm.) / Bohrhammer = percussive drill (coalm.) / Bohrmehl = cuttings (coalm.) / diagramme en boîte = box and whisker plot  / bon à tirer = passed for press; printer's proof (printing) / (het) boni = surplus (acctg.) bonification = interest reduction (loans) / boodschap = spot (advertising, teleshopping; under EU law lasts less than 15 minutes, contrast a "window", which must last longer than 15 minutes) / bootlegging = production of illegally copied tapes, videos; bootleg cassettes (source: NS) / bord tombé = flanged rim (engineering) / machine à boucher = plugging machine (steelm.) / bouquet énergétique = energy mix / un sujet branché = a sexy topic (dinner party discussion, etc.) / Brandschutz = fire safety (of objects) / assemblage par brides = flanged joints (pipes) / brown goods = video recorders, hi-fi, TV etc. (contrast white goods = fridges, cookers etc. source: electricity board) / Bruchbau = caving system (coalm.) / Bruchfeld = caving area (coalm.) / Brückenbau = bridge work (ropes) / Bügel = bridle (coalm.: of skip, hoppit); brace (switch, assembly) / Bund = collar (drill) / Bundesamt für Verbraucherschutz and Lebensmittelsicherheit = Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (DE) / Bundesberufsausbildungsbeirat (AU) = Federal Consultative Council for Vocational Training / bure = staple shaft (coalm.) / bureau de rapprochement des entreprises = business cooperation centre (EU) / bureautique = office automation (often = "software"; defined: "ensemble des techniques et des moyens tendant à automatiser les activités de bureau et principalement le traitement et la communication de la parole, de l'écrit et de l'image") / Bürgerbeauftragter = ombudsman

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