Glossary: European Union & international affairs, industry, trade, development aid, employment, social affairs, education & training, transport
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obligation de sécurité résultat = duty of care / Obturateur = disc (valve; also clack, ball plug, depending on type of valve) / oculaire = visor (respirator) / offenes Seil see Seil / öffentlich-rechtlicher Rundfunk = public service broadcasting / Ohrenrobbe = eared seal / Oikocredit see EDCS / onderminister (USA) = assistant secretary of state / ontgroenen (used in context of demography/employment - a paraphrase is usually needed): "de bevolking veroudert en ontgroent" = "the population is ageing and fewer young people are coming through into the workforce " / ontkoppelt (B) see décroché / onusien = UN (as adjective) / opbouwwerk = (educational, social) development / het Openbare Ministerium = the Public Prosecutor / opfokzeug; opfokvarken = replacement gilt (young sow before first service) / ophogen = estimate / oproep = call for proposals (EU; Leonardo da Vinci programme) / densité optique = optical density / orbite terrienne moyenne = medium earth orbit (satellites) / ordinatique = hardware (IT) / ordonnée = Y axis, vertical axis (math.) / ordre permanent = standing order (banking) / Organisation mondiale des milieux d'affaires see World Business Organisation / Organzentrum = centre of excellence / note d'orientation = (policy) brief; memorandum; paper / Ortschaum; Ortsschaum see Montageschaum / Ortsstoß = head (coalm.) / otarie see Ohrenrobbe / Otto-Motor = petrol engine / van overeenkomstige toepassing = applicable mutatis mutandis / ozonation = (defined) sterilizing of sewage effluent using ozone gas / ozonator = (defined) laboratory apparatus for producing ozone / Ölschiefer = oil shale: "the term 'oil shale' is a misnomer, because most of the rock referred to is not shale, and it does not contain free oil. Rather, the rock consists of a solid, usually waxy substance from which hydrocarbons can be extracted by distillation" / örtlich = site (tests e.g.) / overlopende rekeningen = accruals (acctg.) /

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