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FIELDS COVERED: European Union & international affairs, social affairs, development, education, transport (including a fair amount of EU jargon). NB abbreviations ONLY, with minimal notes...

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SAB supplementary and amending budget (EU)
Structural Adjustment Credit (World Bank)
SACU Southern African Customs Union (Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia)
SADCC South African Development Coordination Conference
SADUC Southern African Development Community
SAF Structural Adjustment Facility (IMF/EU: development)
SAFARI Système automatisé pour les fichiers administratifs et le répertoire des individus (FR)
SAFE Safety Action for Europe (EU: proposed initiative)
SAMEN (Wet) Stimulering Arbeidsdeelname Minderheden (NL) (suggest) Promotion of Employment for Ethnic Minorities (Act)
SAP i. Social Action Programme (EU)
SAP ii. Structural Adjustment Programme (development)
SAR synthetic aperture radar (carried by ERS-1 satellite, provides images of earth's surface, e.g. ice caps, and can penetrate cloud)
sb stilb
SBA Small Business Act for Europe (EU, other languages seem to use the EN acronym & title)
sbe standaard bedrijfseenheid = (manpower)
SBI Standaard Bedrijfsindeling (NL-CBS) (suggest) Standard Classification of Economic Activity
SBT segregated ballast tank (shipping)
SCERA Standing Committee on European Rural Areas (CoE)
SCIC Joint Interpreting and Conference Service (EU: use FR acronym)
SCI Standing Committee on Information Technology (part of WIPO, q.v.)
SCN Système de compatabilité nationale (UN) = SNA q.v.
SCOD Société Coopérative Oecuménique de Développement = EDCS q.v.
SCP société civile professionnelle (partnership of e.g. doctors, lawyers) (FR)
SCR Service commun RELEX (relations extérieures) "the Common Service" (EU jargon: development)
SD standard deviation (stat.)
SDF sans domicile fixe = the homeless
SDGs Sustainable Development Goals (UN)
SDI Strategic Defense Initiative (USA)
SDIM Système de Documentation et d'Information Métallurgique = System of Documentation and Information on Metallurgy
SDR special drawing rights (international trade)
SEACOC the "California Code" (building code, earthquakes)
SEBC Système européen de Banques centrales = ESCB q.v.
SEC i. sport, educatie en cultuur (Amsterdam city dept.)
SEC ii. Système européen de comptes économiques intégrés = ESA iii. q.v.
SEE= standard error of estimate (stat.)
SEM sound economic management (e.g. the EU initiative SEM 2000)
SER Sociaal Economisch Raad (NL) = (suggest) Social and Economic Affairs Council
SESI System Europäischer Sozialindikatoren (EU) = System of European Social Indicators
SESPROS Système européen de statistiques intégrées de la protection sociale = ESSPROS q.v.
SFFT state flow of funds table (IMF)
SG Schutzgas: Schutzgasschweißen
= gas-shielded arc welding
SGHWR steam generating heavy water reactor (nucl.)
SGPOE Syndicat général du personnel des organismes européens = General Union of Personnel of European Organisations
SH Système douanier de classement international harmonisé see HS
SHOB surface hors oeuvre brute = gross area, gross internal and external built area (FR: building, for definitions see my General Glossary)
SHON surface hors oeuvre nette = net area, net occupiable area (FR: building, for definitions see my General Glossary)
SHR Stichting Hout Research (NL) = (suggest) Wood Research Foundation
SI Système International = International System (of Units)
SIGC Système intégré de gestion et de contrôle = IACS q.v.
SIP stage d'intégration professionnelle (B) = (suggest) period of pre-employment training
SIPRI Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
SIS i. Schengen Information System (EU)
SIS ii. small island states (trade, e.g.)
SIT système intelligent de transport = ITS q.v.
SITC Standard International Trade Classification (UN)
SKE Steinkohleneinheit = tonne of coal equivalent
SKO Stichting voor de certificatie van vakbekwaamheid (NL) = Foundation for the Certification of Professional Competence (their confirmed title)
SKON Stichting Kinderopvang Nederland (NL) (suggest) Dutch Childcare Foundation
SKU stock-keeping unit (commerce)
SLF secondary liquid fuel; substitute liquid fuel (in cement kilns e.g.)
SLIME "subsurface lithoautotrophic microbial ecosystem" (geol., type of subterranean bacteria. Source: NS)
SME i. small- and medium-sized enterprises (syn. SMU: small- and medium-sized undertakings, EU jargon for "small businesses")
SME ii. Système monétaire européen = EMS q.v.
SMI small- and medium-sized industries
SMILE smart, intelligent, light and efficient (automotive: Greenpeace's "green" car, an adapted adapted Renault Twingo)
SMP system marginal price (energy pricing)
SMRE Safety in Mines Research Establishment (UK)
SNA System of national accounts (joint UN, IMF, European Commission, OECD, World Bank)
SNRA Systèmes Nationaux de Recherche Agricole = NARS q.v.
SOFA Status of Forces Agreement (NATO)
SOLAS Convention (marine)
SoZaWe Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid (NL) = Social Affairs and Employment (Ministry, e.g.)
SPA i. Special Programme of Assistance for Africa (EU: development)
SPA ii. special protection area (EU: environment)
SPA iii. standard de pouvoir d'achat = PPS q.v.
SPC i. Service Protection des Consommateurs = CPS q.v.
SPC ii. Statistical Programme Committee (Eurostat)
SPD = single programming document (EU: aid)
SPG = Système Généralisé de Préférences = GSP q.v.
SPP Service Porte-Parole = Spokesmen's Service (ECOM: NB not abbreviated to SS! - use FR acronym)
SPVA sociale positie en voorziening verbruik allochthonen (NL) = (suggest) social position and consumption patterns of ethnic minorities
SPW Sociaal Pedagogisch Werk (NL) (suggest) social education methods
SR synchrotron radiation (sources)
SRC Science Research Council (UK)
SRD shipper-receiver difference (comm.)
SSI site of special scientific interest (UK)
SST supersonic transport
S&T science and technology
STABEX Système de stabilisation des recettes des exportations
STAR Committee (EU) = Committee on Agricultural Structures and Rural Development
Stb Staatsblad (NL) = statute book
STC subregionale tewerkstellingscomité (B) = (suggest) subregional employment committee
STCELA Standing Technological Conference of European Local Authorities
STCW Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (IMO Convention, 1978)
Stdabw Standardabweichung = SD q.v.
STEP Strategies and Tools against Social Exclusion and Poverty (ILO programme)
STER Stichting Ether Reclame = Foundation for TV and Radio Advertising (NL)
STI Service de traitement de l'information
STID Scientific and Technical Information and Documentation; the STID Committee (EU)
STOA scientific and technological options assessment
STREAMLINE STaff REsources And Management on-LINE (EU; European Parliament)
STRP scientific and technical research policy
SUP Societas Unius Personae = single-member company (proposed legal form for SMEs)
SUVA Schweizerische Unfallversicherungsgesellschaft 
SVG System der Volkswirtschaftlichen Gesamtrechnungen
= SNA q.v.
SWOT (analysis) strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
SWP standard work procedures; standard working procedures
SWU separate work unit (nucl.)
SZW Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid

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