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WAEMU = West African Economic and Monetary Union
WARDA West African Rice Development Association
WATIS Work and Training Information System (B)
World Confederation of Labour (based Brussels)
WCO World Customs Organization (NB they prefer the 'z' spelling)
WDF waste-derived fuel (energy: also called refuse-derived fuel RDF)
WDO Werelddouaneorganisatie = WCO q.v.
WEC World Energy Council (based London, now defunct)
WEP werkervaringsplaats
WEU Western European Union (based London)
WG water gauge (pressure)
WHO Welthandelsorganisation; Wereldhandelsorganisatie = WTO q.v.
WICEM World Industry Conference on Environmental Management
WIFI Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut (AU) = Institute for Economic Development
WIKO Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin = Institute for Advanced Study
WIPO World Intellectual Property Organisation (based Geneva)
WIS Work Information System (B)
WKK warmte/kracht-koppeling = CHP q.v.
WMO World Meteorological Organisation (based Geneva)
WO wetenschappelijk onderwijs (NL) = university education; higher education
WOCCU World Council of Credit Unions (based Madison, WI)
WODC Weteschappelijk Onderzoek en Documentatiecentrum (NL) = Research and Documentation Centre (part of Ministry of Justice)
WSBZ Dienst der Gemeentelijke Was- en Schoonmaking, Bad en Zwemmeninrichtingen (Amsterdam)
WTO World Trade Organisation
WVO Warschauer Verteidigungsorganisation = Warsaw Pact
WWSSN Worldwide Standardised Seismograph Network (1960)
WWU Wirtschafts- und Währungsunion = EMU q.v.

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