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MAG metal active gas (metal.: welding)
MAH Militärische Ausbildungshilfe = Military Training Assistance (DE)
MAI Multilateral Agreement on Investment (also found as "Multilateral Investment Agreement", MIA)
MAOC-N Maritime Analysis and Operational Centre - Narcotics) (established 2007 by France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, UK; based Lisbon)
MARC Machine-Readable Cataloguing (library science)
MASGF Ministerium für Arbeit, Soziales, Gesundheit und Frauen (D: Brandenburg e.g.) = (suggest) Ministry for Employment, Social Affairs, Health and Women
MAT moving annual total (stat., sales e.g.)
MATS million Austrian Schillings
MAVO middelbaar algemeen voortgezet onderwijs (NL) (suggest) intermediate general secondary education
MBA material balance area (nucl.)
MBO middelbaar beroepsonderwijs (NL) (suggest) intermediate vocational education
mbv met behulp van (usually "m.b.v.")
MC = master complémentaire (educ. (B)
MCA maximum credible accident (esp. nuclear)
MCAE maison communale pour l'accueil de l'enfance (suggest) 'child house' (B)
MD i. "managing diversity" (labour)
MD ii. Meetkundige dienst (NL govt.) = Survey Department
MdE Minderung der Erwerbsfähigkeit (D) loss of earning capacity (in social security benefit claims)
MDW marktwerking, deregulering en wetgevingskwaliteit = (NL) (suggest) market forces, deregulation and quality of legislation (1994 government initiative to reduce unnecessary restrictive legislation)
MEA multilateral environmental agreement (WTO)
MEAO middelbaar economisch en administratief onderwijs (NL) (suggest) intermediate business education
MEO medium earth orbit (satellite navigation)
MEP Milieu, Energie en Procesinnovatie (part of TNO q.v.)
MEPC Méchanisme d'examen des politiques commerciales = TPRM q.v.
mEq milliequivalent (also meq)
MES Méchanisme européen de stabilité = ESM q.v.
METR marginal effective tax rate
MEWP mobile elevating work platform (construction e.g.)
MFA Multi-Fibre Arrangement (textiles)
MFN most favoured nation (trade)
MHD magnetohydrodynamic (generator) (energy)
mia. = milliard = billion
MIFID Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (EU)
MIG metal inert gas (metal.: welding)
MIGA Multilateral Investment Guarantees Agency (World Bank)
MIREC Mission Régionale pour l'Intégration et l'Emploi de Charleroi (B) = (suggest) Regional Mission for for Labour Market Integration in Charleroi
MIRV multiple independently-targetable re-entry vehicle (space flight)
MKB (NL) = SME q.v.
MLA = mutual legal assistance (method of cooperation between States for obtaining assistance in the investigation or prosecution of criminal offences, also called "judicial cooperation")
MLAP Multilingual Action Plan (EU)
MLC military load class
ML/FT money laundering and terrorist financing
MMA manual metal arc (welding)
MMDS microwave distribution system (telecom.: TV signals)
μμg = micromicrogram (obsolete), see pg
MMHS Multimoment-Häufigkeitsstudie (D)
Modified Mercalli (scale of) Intensity (1902) (geology: earthquakes)
MNC multinational company
MNE multinational enterprise
MOE (-landen) = CCEE q.v.
MOEL Mittel- und Osteuropäische Länder = CCEE q.v.
MOOC = massive open online course (invented 2008 by Siemens & Downes (Canada); widespread from 2021 (educ.)
MOP Meerjarig Oriëntatie Programma = MAGP q.v.
MORE MARC optical recognition (library science)
MOSOP Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (human rights: Nigeria)
MOT Ministry of Transport (UK: popularly used to mean annual technical inspection of road vehicles over 3 years old, e.g. "my car failed its MOT (test)")
MOU memorandum of understanding
MOX mixed oxide (nuclear fuel)
mp i. (at) market prices (econ.)
Mp ii. megapond (unit of mass or force)
MPU manpower unit
MPV multi-purpose vehicle (= "people carrier" e.g. Renault Espace)
MRA monitoring rapid appraisal (methodology)
MRE meal ready to eat (military rations)
MRO maintenance, repair, overhaul (aviation)
MRTA Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (Marxist, Peru)
MSC Manpower Services Commission (UK)
MSU Microwave Sounding Unit (measures temperature of lower atmosphere)
MSW metres of sea water (diving med.)
MTO Multilateral Trade Organisation
MTR mid-term review (EU : development)
MTS middelbare technische school (NL) = intermediate technical school
MUF material unaccounted for (nucl.)
MULO meer uitgebreid lager onderwijs (NL) = advanced elementary education
MVA Mitverantwortungsangabe co-responsibility levy (EU: agric.)
MVO (NL) = MFA q.v.
MvT memorie van toelichting = explanatory memorandum (legislation)
MW Mittwelwert = mean (value) (math.)
MWF metalworking fluid (cf. KSS)
m.w.N. mit weiteren Nachweisen (aus...) = (suggest) plus other references

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