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FIELDS COVERED: European Union & international affairs, social affairs, development, education, transport (including a fair amount of EU jargon). NB abbreviations ONLY, with minimal notes...
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FAC Fonds d'aide et de coopération
= Aid and Cooperation Fund (FR)
FAI fournisseur d'accès à l'internet = ISP q.v.
FAPEO Fédération des Associations de Parents de l'Engeignement Officiel (B)
FAR fatal accident rate(s)
FAS Facilité d'Ajustement Structurel = SAF q.v.
FAS Fonds pour la protection des animaux sauvages (unconfirmed)
FATF Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (OECD, 1989)
FBCF formation brute de capital fixe = gross fixed capital formation
FCC fréquence de fusion critique = CFF q.v.
FCI fuel-coolant interaction (nucl.)
FDAU flight data acquisition unit (aviation)
FDJ Freie Deutsche Jugend (former GDR)
FDSEA Fédération départementale des syndicats d'exploitants agricoles (FR) = (suggest) Departmental Federation of Farmers' Unions
FE fachliche Einheit = KAU q.v.
FEANTSA European Federation of national organisations working with the homeless (unconfirmed)
FEBEA Fédération Européenne de Banques Éthiques et Alternatives = European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks and Financiers (use FR acronym)
FEBI Fédération européenne des branches industrielles = European Federation of Branches of Industry (use FR acronym)
FED Fonds européen de développement = EDF q.v.
FEDEFAM Latin American Federation of Associations of the Families of the Detained-Disappeared (EP)
FEE Fédération européenne des Experts Comptables
FEI Fonds européen d'investissement = EIF q.v.
FEPAC Forum Européen pour la Prévention Active des Conflits (EP) = European Forum for Active Prevention of Conflicts
ff faisant fonction = acting
FFC fréquence de fusion critique = CFF q.v.
FFH flora, fauna, habitats (EU jargon: the FFH-Richtlinie is known as the "Habitats Directive")
FG frigorie: a unit of cooling, a negative kcal. Metric equivalent of imperial "ton of refrigeration" /
FGD flue gas desulphurization (one byproduct of the process is "FGD gypsum")
FI (F=Fehlerstrom, I=symbol for electric current): an "FI-Schutzschalter" is a safety switch, residual current device, circuit breaker, trip.
FID Fédération internationale pour la Documentation = IFD q.v.
FINP 'Temporary Committee on Policy Challenges and Budgetary Means of the Enlarged Union 2007-2013' (shortened to FINP: the committee's remit is to set priorities and structure for the financial perspective 2007-2013)
FIOD Fiscale Inlichtingen- en Opsporingsdienst = (suggest) Tax Information and Investigation Service (NL)
FIPS Five Interested Parties (WTO: Australia, Brazil, EU, India, USA)
FLNKS Front de Libération Nationale Kanaque Socialiste = Kanak Socialist National Liberation Front (New Caledonia)
FMO Framework of Mutual Obligations (EU)
FNCA Fédération nationale du crédit agricole (FR)
= (suggest) National Federation of Agricultural Savings Banks
FNMA Fédération nationale de la mutualité agricole (FR) = (suggest) National Federation of Agricultural Friendly Societies
FND fonctionnaire national détaché = national civil servant on secondment
FNE Fonds national d'emploi (FR)
FNV Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging = (suggest) Federation of the Dutch Trade Union Movement
FOC flag of convenience (shipping)
FOD French overseas departments
FOIA Freedom of Information Act (USA)
falling objects, protection and safety (coalm.)
FOREm Office communautaire et régional de Formation Professionnel et de l'Emploi (B) = (suggest) Community and Regional Office for Vocational Training and Employment
FPT fireproof textiles
FR frigorie (unit)
FRA Fundamental Rights Agency (EU: casual name for the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, formerly the EUMC q.v.)
FRPC Faculté pour la réduction de la pauvreté et la croissance = Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (successor to ESAF q.v.)
FRY Federal Republic of Yugoslavia ('rump' Yugoslavia = Serbia + Montenegro)
fs - femtosecond (unit)
FSC Forest Stewardship Council
FST Fédération des syndicats des transports dans l'Union Européenne = Federation of Transport Workers' Unions in the European Union
FSU Former Soviet Union (EU)
FSW feet of sea water
FTA free trade area
FTAA Free Trade Area of the Americas
FTC Federal Trade Commission (USA)
FTE full-time equivalents (labour)
FTM Std Federal Test Method Standard (USA)
"The FTSE 100 share index", popularly known as "The Footsie" (UK): acronym = Financial Times + (London) Stock Exchange, the co-owners of FTSE International (company formed 1995)
FuE Forschung und Entwicklung = R&D
FVI fuel volatility index (automotive)
FYROM Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

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