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FIELDS COVERED: European Union & international affairs, social affairs, development, education, transport (including a fair amount of EU jargon). NB abbreviations ONLY, with minimal notes...
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LAB/FT lutte anti-blanchiment et financement du terrorisme see ML/FT
LAP leer-arbeidsplaats
laser light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
LAWA Länderarbeitsgemeinschaft-Wasser (D)
LB Lichtbogen electric arc (metal.: welding)
LBH Lichtbogenhandschweißen = manual metal arc welding
LBO lager beroepsonderwijs (NL) (suggest) lower vocational education
LCA life cycle analysis (of a product, i.e. manufacture, distribution, use, etc.)
LCI life cycle inventory (end result of a LCA)
LDCs least developed countries (EP)
LDE local democracy embassy (CoE, in ex-Yugoslavia)
LEC Landelijk Expertisecentrum Cliëntenparticipatie (NL) = (suggest) National Centre for Client Participation ("clients" being those who use employment and social services, e.g. job seekers)
LEED low energy electron diffraction (phys.)
LEI Landbouw-Economisch Instituut (NL)
LET linear energy transfer (phys.: measured in e.g. eV per micron)
LFI Loi de finance initiale
LGAI Lehrgang Generalstabs- und Admiralstabsdienst mit internationaler Beteiligung = International General/Admiral Staff Officer Course (DE)
LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (or transgender) people
LGO landen en gebieden overzee = OCT q.v.
Large Hadron Collider (powerful particle accelerator built at CERN, 1995)
LHO Landeshaushaltsordnung (D) = (suggest) Land/state budget regulations
LINOV Leuvens Instituut voor Nieuwe Onderwijsvormen (B) = (suggest) Louvain Institute for New Teaching Methods
LKR Lieferkoordinierungsrichtlinie = Council Directive 77/62/EEC on public supply contracts (EU)
LLDC least developed countries (unclear why 2x L but it's correct!)
LMFBR liquid metal fast breeder reactor (energy)
LMOE landen in Middel- en Oost-Europa = CCEE q.v.
LO lager onderwijs (NL) = primary education; elementary education
LOCA loss of coolant (nucl.)
LOI Leidse Onderwijsinstellingen (NL) = 'Leiden Educational Establishments' (but not usually translated), big private organisation offering adult education and distance learning
LOR = letter of request, see MLA
LPP Loi sur la prévoyance professionnelle = BVG q.v.
LRE linguistic research and engineering
LRRD Linking relief, rehabilitation and development; "the LRRD continuum" (EU: development)
LR-S-R Groupe de Spécialistes sur la Régionalisation = Group of Specialists on Regionalisation (CoE: use French abbrev.)
LSO linkescheldeoever = left bank of the Scheldt (ports)
LSVA Leistungsabhängige Schwerverkehrsabgabe (Swiss referendum, 27/9/98); (suggest) HGV tax (road transport)
LTTE = the Tamil Tigers (polit.: Sri Lanka

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