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jet haché = (urinary) intermittency; intermittent stream; interrupted stream / mi-jet; milieu du jet (urine sample) see MSU / jet ventilation (anaesth.) / à jeun = fasting; in a fasting state; not having eaten or drunk anything; on an empty stomach (cf. "fasting blood samples") / Jobe-Test = supraspinatus test (rotator cuff injuries) / Jochbein = cheekbone; os zygomaticum / Jochbogen = zygomatic arch; arcus zygomaticus / jour limité = poor visibility; limited visibility (of operative field) / Juckreiz = itching; itch; pruritus / jugal = buccal / os jugal = cheek bone / jugendlich = juvenile (cell e.g.) / jukbeen see Jochbein / jumeau évanescent = vanishing twin; disappearing twin (dies in utero) / jument = mare (urine used in various hormonal preparations) / Jungfernhäutchen = hymen (gyn.) / Jungfernzeugung = parthogenesis / JVD = jugular vein distension

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