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L = 1. laboratory (test e.g. contrast F = field); 2. laevulorotatory / LAAPC = local authority pollution control (UK) / labile = unstable / Lackmuspapier = litmus paper / LAI = Länderausschuß für Immissionsschutz (D) = (suggest) Committee of the Länder for Immission Control / laisse de mer = 1. foreshore (area of strand between high- and low-water marks); 2. beach debris (may be natural beach debris - seaweed etc. - and/or marine debris - which by definition is human-caused) / LAMMA = laser microbe mass analyser / landfarming = (defined) a full-scale bioremediation technology, whereby soils contaminated by e.g. oily wastes are tilled, turned over or forcibly aerated to hasten the breakdown of the substances in them; synonym "solid phase biodegradation" / LAS = linear alkylbenzenesulphonate / chaîne latérale = side chain / agglutination sur billes de latex = latex bead agglutination (assay) / LAWA = Länderarbeitsgemeinschaft Wasser (D) = Joint Commission of Federal States for Water / LAWDC = local authority waste disposal authority (UK) / LCA = life cycle assessment; life cycle analysis (of a product, "cradle to grave") / LDPE = low-density polyethylene (plastic bottles) / leicht entzündlich = highly flammable (category of danger F) / LEL = lower explosive limit (landfill gas e.g.) / leptophos (pest.) / lessivage = leaching (from soil); wash-out; precipitation (from air) (hydrol.) / lessive de soude see Natronlauge / LFG = landfill gas / capacité de liaison = binding capacity / ligne de partage = watershed; divide (hydrol.) / limnigraphe = recording stage gauge; water level recorder; limnigraph (hydrol.) / linuron (pest.) /  lithine = lithium hydroxide (LiOH) / lixiviats = leachate ("lixiviates" exists but deprecated) / LLW = low-level waste / LM = light microscope (microscopy) / LNG = liquefied natural gas / LOC = limiting oxygen concentration (max. O2 concentration in a mixture of a flammable substance and air and an inert gas in which an explosion will not occur, determined under specified test conditions) / LOD = limit of detection (smallest amount of substance in a sample which can be identified but not precisely quantified; cf. also LOQ) / LOI = Limiting Oxygen Index (fire resistance) / loopvloeistoff = carrier (HPLC) / LOQ = limit of quantitation (smallest amount of substance in a sample which can be quantified precisely and accurately under given test conditions; cf. also LOD) / sehr schwer (wenig) löslich = very sparingly soluble (ITI) / LPG = liquefied petroleum gas / LRM = low-risk material (nucl./tox.) / LSS = London Scientific Stations (pollution measurement) / LTA = low-temperature ashing / Lundgren impactor / LWH = length/width/height (measurement of pollution in an area source e.g. a city, the area being modelled as a box ("airshed"): L=length of airshed; W=width of airshed; H=mixing height)) / LWS = low water slack (hydrol.: river) / lyophilisation = lyophilization; freeze-drying

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