Glossary of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Science, Plant Health & Veterinary Science

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NA = nouvel aliment see NF / Nachbau = re-cropping (agric.) / NAFO = North Atlantic Fisheries Organisation / naissains = spat (shellfish, used as collective noun) / NAMA non-agricultural market access (WTO) / NAPRO = Nomenclature des produits agricoles / nard see heischrale grasland / NARS = National Agricultural Research Systems / natte ruigte = wet rough grassland / NEAFC = Northeast Atlantic Fisheries Commission (established 1953; Secretariat based London c/o MAFF; the NEAFC Convention (renewed 1982) / néflier du Japon = loquat; Japanese plum; Japanese medlar / nem = spring roll (culin.) / nervure centrale = midrib (leaf) / NF = novel food / NFO Nederlandse Fruittelers Organisatie (NL) = (suggest) Organisation of Dutch Fruit Growers / NPPO = national plant protection organisation / NTS =  Netwerk Tuinbouw-Studieclubs (NL) = (suggest) Network of Horticultural Study Clubs / NTV = Nederlandse Tuinbouw Vakbeurs: the Dutch "International Horticultural Trade Fair" held in Amsterdam, at the same time as the "International Flower Trade Show". The 2 together are known collectively as the "International Horti Fair". / organisme nuisible = pest / Nutzungsblock = production block (agric.) / Nützlinge = beneficial organisms, "beneficials" (agric.) /

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