Glossary of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Science, Plant Health & Veterinary Science

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ICCAT = International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (fisheries) / ICM = integrated crop management / ICNAF International Convention for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries (replaced 1979 by NAFO) / IDACE = Association des Industies des Aliments pour les Usages Nutritionnels Particuliers de l'Union Européenne (based Paris): website gives "Association of the Food Industries for Particular Nutritional Uses of the EC", i.e. dietetic food industries / identiteitsmateriaal = germplasm / IFAD = International Fund for Agricultural Development (UN) / IFAP = International Federation of Agricultural Producers / IFAW = International Federation for Animal Welfare / IFOAM = International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (based Germany) / IFOP = Instrument financier d'orientation pluriannuelle (EU fisheries) see FIFG / IFPRI = International Food Policy Research Institute (based Washington) / igname = yam / ILAT = Institut für Lebensmittel, Arzneimittel und Tierseuchen (DE) / INCA = (enquête) Individuelle et Nationale sur les Consommations Alimentaires (FR) / indemne = healthy; (virus)-free (seedling) / indexage virologique = virus indexing / inféoder = invade; overwhelm (pest of its host plant) / INGA (suggest) National Institute for Agricultural Guarantee and Intervention (Portugal) / Inhaltsstoff = constituent (food) / Inhaltsstoffanalytik = compositional analysis (food) / pêche INN = illicite, non-déclarée et non-réglementée, see IUU / INRA = Institut national de la recherche agronomique = French National Institute for Agricultural Research / Internationale Vereinigung Biologischer Landbaubewegungen see IFOAM / IP = intervention price (EU: common agricultural policy) / IPGRI = International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (Rome: name changes from 12/06 to "Bioversity International") / IPK = Institut für Pflanzengenetik und Kulturpflanzenforschung (D) = Institute for Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (based Gatersleben) / IPM = integrated pest management / IPPC = International Plant Protection Convention / irrigation au goutte à goutte = drip irrigation / ISA infectious salmon anaemia (fisheries) / ISCO = International Soil Conservation Organization / ISPP = International Society for Plant Pathology / ITS = internal transcribed spacer (genetics) / IUU = illegal, unreported and unregulated (fishing) / IVIA = Valencia Institute for Agricultural Research /

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