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ZEBS = Zentrale Erfassungs- und Bewertungsstelle für Umweltchemikalien = Centre for Surveillance and Health Evaluation of Environmental Chemicals  (D: part of BgVV) / zerkleinert (sample preparation, usually) = ground / état zéro = reference point, date or level from which e.g. progress on pollution rduction is measured) / zineb (pest.) / Zitronenstein (defined) = citric acid-based cleaning product, cf. Citronenstein (Swiss TM) formulated as a cake or paste, otherwise as crystals or a powder / zone de circulation = traffic area, thoroughfare (lab.) / zone de saturation = saturated zone (hydrol.) / zone non saturée = zone of aeration; unsaturated zone (hydrol.) / zoutzuur = hydrochloric acid, HCl / ZVIs = zones of visual intervisibility (computer models, siting of e.g. wind turbines, tall chimneys) / zwavelwaterstof = hydrogen sulphide; H2S / Zweifachzucker = disaccharide

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