Glossary of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Science, Plant Health & Veterinary Science

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vangassaye = Citrus Vangassay (variety of Citrus reticulate blanco) /  VAR = Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Centre (B) / variété = line (in GMO testing: control line, reference line) / vbc = vruchtboomcarbolineum = just 'Carbolineum' (a type of wash e.g. tar-oil, applied to fruit trees. originally from NL) / VCG = vegetative compatibility group (plant science) / Vegetationsperiode = growing season (agric.) / Vegetationsstadium = plant development stage / VEL = Verband der Europäischen Landwirtschaft see CEA / VETEC Round Table on Documentation and Information in Veterinary Science / Verband der Europäischen Landwirtschaft = European Confederation of Agriculture / verendete Tiere = fallen animals; fallen stock (animals which have died, whether through disease or any other cause, or have been killed on the farm) / vernebeln = atomize (hort.) / Versorgungsstation see Labestation / verteilt = translocated (bot.) / Veterinair Tuchtcollege = Veterinary Tribunal (NL) / vétérinaire sanitaire = designated veterinarian / VIRIS = Visserij Registratie en Informatie Systeem (NL) = (suggest) Fishery Registration and Information System / vitroplant = vitroplant / vlucht = flush (first appearance of emerging mushrooms) / VMS = vessel monitoring system (fisheries) / volle grond = hardy (outdoor crops) / Vorzugsmilch = certified milk / vuur = rot, "fire" (flower bulbs, caused by Botrytis) / VWA Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit = Food and Non-Food Authority (NL) /
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