Glossary of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Science, Plant Health & Veterinary Science

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lime Tahiti = Tahiti lime / tangelo = tangelo (fruit) / tauchen = dip (hort.) / taxuskever = (black) vine weevil (otiorhynchus sulcatus) / plantaardig teeltmateriaal = plant propagating materials / TEI = total energy intake (nutrition) / tellurique = soil-borne (parasite e.g.) / tempexkever = darkling beetle; lesser mealworm; litter beetle (Alphitobius diaperinus Panzer): a pest in poultry farming, eats animal bedding and  e.g. roof insulation, hence its Dutch name of "styrofoam beetle" / Tieflaufstall = deep litter stable (cows); pen (pigs) / tierisches Futtermittel = feed of animal origin; feedstuff of animal origin (not "animal feed") / Tiermehl = meat and bone meal / TIMOUN = survey title (Creole, corruption of "petit monde") / ti'nain; ti-nain, ti nain = small green cooking banana, used in national dish of Martinique. May be synonymous with poyo, but unconfirmed / tipule = cranefly; daddy-long-legs / TKBA = Tierkörperbeseitigungsanstalt = rendering plant / toloman = (Queensland) arrowroot (canna edulis: used in infant formulas) / trips = thrips (hort.) / Tritical; triticale = triticale (a hybrid of wheat & rye, from the Latin names triticum + secale) / trostomaten = vine tomatoes; vine-ripened tomatoes; cluster tomatoes (US); truss tomatoes / TS = Trockensubstanz = dry extract / Turkse mot = tomato looper; golden twin spot; green garden looper; Indian meal moth (chrysodeixis chalcites) / arbre tuteur = supporting tree (hort.) /

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