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Raad voor het Kwekersrecht
= Board for Plant Breeders' Rights, now Raad voor Planterassen, q.v. / Raad voor Planterassen = Board for Plant Rights (NL) / radicelle = secondary root; lateral root (grows from main root. Not NB a radicle, French radicule, which is the embryo main root that emerges  from a seed (agric./hort.) / rameau = lateral (flower stem);leaf (banana) / rappel de 24 heures = 24-hour record sheet (in FFQ) / RDA = recommended daily allowance / Reihenkultur = row crop; row cropping (agric.) / Rein-Raus-Verfahren see AIAO / rejet = sucker (basal shoot) / REPA = Réseau d'Expertise sur les Politiques Agricoles = Agricultural Policy Network (set up by CMA/WCA) / reparcage = relaying (shellfish farming) / RGA = Recensement général de l'agriculture (FR) (suggest) General Agricultural Census / RIKILT Rijks-Kwaliteitsinstituut voor land- en tuinbouw produkten = State Institute for Quality Control of Agricultural Products (NL, Wageningen: their translation) / RMD = rendement maximal durable, see MSY / roofmijt = predatory mite (insect) / roofwants = assassin bug (insect) / rote Zitrus-Spinnmilbe see acarien rouge des agrumes / rouget barbet = red mullet / RPPO = regional plant protection office / Rundmaul = cyclostome; jawless fish (e.g. lamprey, hagfish) /

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