Glossary of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Science, Plant Health & Veterinary Science

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Labestation = staging point; mid-journey rest point (animal transport) / langouste royale = royal spiny lobster / langoustine = Dublin Bay Prawn (nephrops norvegicus) / Langzeitstickstoff = slow release nitrogen (fertilizer e.g.) / Lästlinge = pests (agric.) / Lebendbau = soil bioengineering; bio-mediated soil improvement (agricultural techniques: synonyms Grünbau, Lebendverbau) / Lebendverbauung = microbially-mediated soil aggregation (naturally occurring process) / Lebensmittel-Rahmenverordnung = General Food Law Regulation (EU) / LERQAP = Laboratoire d'Etudes et de Recherches sur la Qualité des Aliments et sur les Procédés agroalimentaires = Laboratory for studies and research on food quality and processing (FR, Afssa) / LF = landwirtschaftlich genutzte Fläche see AAU / Licg = Landelijk Informatie Centrum Gezelschapsdieren = (suggest) National Pet Information Centre (NL) / limbe = leaf blade / propositions de limites maximales provisoires = proposed draft maximum levels (food contaminants) / LNV = (Ministerie van) Landbouw, Natuurbeheer en Visserij (NL) = Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries / zones de loisir = amenity plantings (e.g. parks) / loof = haulm (agric., usually potatoes) / loofdoding = haulm destruction (agric.) / loofklappen = stripping (agric.) / looftrekken = pulling (agric.) / LU = livestock unit (EU) / lutte culturale = control by cultural practices / LVZ = landwirtschaftliche Vergleichszahl = agricultural comparability index (EU)/

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