Glossary of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Science, Plant Health & Veterinary Science

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HACCP hazard analysis and critical control point (food safety) / Halbwachs = spat (shellfish) / handelsgewas = cash crop (agric.) / hanepoot = buttercup (bot.) / HC human consumption (HC products = products fit for human consumption) (food/ / huître creuse = Pacific oyster; Portuguese oyster; hollow oyster (crassostrea gigas) / huître plate = European oyster; Belon oyster; native oyster; flat oyster (ostrea edulis) / humidité foliaire = leaf wetness / Hutung = rough grazing; rough pasture (agric.) / sousmise à un stress hydrique = water-stressed (plant) / Hygieneschleuse = hygiene barrier (livestock housing) / hygrométrie = atmospheric humidity /

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